Unique and Meaningful

Our patent pending jewelry combines two storage compartments along with a USB Flash Drive for storing digital copies of photos, videos and audio recordings. Unlike traditional keepsake jewelry that simply stores mementos, collectibles or cremated remains, Memory Vessels® also provide an opportunity to preserve and share the images and sounds of our lives.

What Makes a Memory Vessel Unique?

  • Our unique dual storage compartments are easily filled with keepsakes, collectibles, and mementos
  • Celebrate weddings, births, graduations, anniversaries … any memorable or meaningful event
  • Remember beloved people or pets with treasured keepsakes like crushed flowers, cremated remains, locks of hair, bits of fur … any personal remembrance that keeps memories close
  • Precious photos, videos or voice recordings are now easily transported and are always available to share with others. The 2 gigabyte USB Flash Drive provides ample storage capacity
  • A keepsake jewelry that better meets the needs of a mobile society where the computer is now part of everyday life

Loading a Memory Vessel is Easy

By inserting the Memory Vessel® USB Flash Drive into a standard computer port, videos, photos and recordings may be quickly uploaded from any computer to a Memory Vessel®.

Filling the storage compartments is a simple process, especially since the openings are larger than standard keepsake jewelry.

Memory Vessel

Memory Vessel® is the only keepsake that provides two compartments for storing physical mementos, collectibles and keepsakes, alongside a USB Flash Drive to store photos, videos, voice and sound recordings.

Memory Vessels are brass wax cast then plated with Rhodium, a member of the platinum family of metals. Rhodium is tarnish and scratch resistant and produces a highly reflective surface.
Our current designs measure 1 1/2″ X 1 3/4″ and provide two keepsake compartments suitable for storing mementos such as crushed flowers, rice, sand, hair or fur and other meaningful keepsakes.

We invite you to contact us for more information:

Email us at: info@memoryvessels.com or call 303-758-2273